Pool Removal Specialist in Dublin, CA

Is the cost of your old pool wearing you down? Let our professional Dublin, CA pool removal service take care of your problem. We perform full-service pool demolitions, excavations and removals for homeowners. Our service also includes filling in the old pool area with fresh dirt to entirely remove all traces of the swimming pool. Call today for the best pool demolition service in Dublin, CA.

About Our Pool Demolition Service in Dublin, CA

our Dublin, CA Pool Deomlition team with a bobcat in a poolThe most consequential decision for pool demolition in Dublin is choosing the right removal contractor. Our highly professional team have been doing pool removals for years, and our expertise shows in the quality work we perform. You can trust us to handle every aspect of removing your pool, from the moment we meet with you for the initial consultation until we lay down the last pounds of dirt.

Our Dublin pool fill in comply with all local laws. We obtain the necessary permits, adhere to all inspections and consult with the soils engineer, ensuring that you won't have any future problems. After all the necessary preparations, we start draining the pool into a sewer treated drain so that no hazardous chemical enters into the surrounding environment. When the draining work is complete, we begin demolishing and excavating the pool using industrial-strength equipment that can break through the toughest layers of concrete and rebar. After the demolition is done, we remove all materials and being refilling the gigantic hole left behind with fresh dirt, taking care to compact the different soil layers so that it holds up under pressure. Don't accept anything less than the best service. Call our company today and get started with the best pool removal in Dublin.

Why Fresh Dirt is Important to a Pool Fill In

When we backfill a pool, we only use fresh dirt and other materials approved by the soils engineer. Why is this necessary? Too many other contractors ignore the importance of dirt, and they use whatever they can get, including “free dirt” that is often found at after a Pool Fill In with out expertsindustrial sites. This creates a problem, since used dirt may contain hazardous particles that you don't want in your backyard. Furthermore, the used dirt may not be right for the soil in your backyard, and this can cause drainage and subsidence problems. Don't trust a contractor that doesn't understand the importance of dirt or won't use a soils engineer. Not only is this unprofessional, it's also illegal to perform pool removals in Dublin without one. Call our pool removal experts in Dublin, CA today.