Frequently Asked Questions

Our Dublin CA Sprinkler Repair Team is Always Here to Help

Q: Why is it important to have my broken sprinkler system repaired?
A: When your sprinkler system is not distributing water in the correct areas it can cause several issues to your lawn. You lawn may begin to dry up and become difficult to manage because it is not getting the proper water hydration needed, or you can run into a landscaping disaster if too much water is getting into a certain area of your lawn. A quality sprinkler system should also be tailor-made to fit your yard's irrigation needs, which means that watering by hand (or using a hose nozzle system) will always produce suboptimal results, including brown spots and water wastage.

Q: What is a backflow preventer and do I need one?
A: A backflow preventer is a device that goes onto the hose of your sprinkler system and prevents any water from entering and contaminating your drinking water. It is a legal necessity, and it is vital that you have one of these installed and regularly maintained by a sprinkler repair expert.
Dublin sprinkler repair technician replacing faulty sprinkler nozzleQ: How can I keep my sprinkler system from requiring constant repairs?
A: The best way to keep your system up and running well is to keep your nozzles clear from debris, to prevent pressure problems that can cause fractures. Call one of our Dublin sprinkler repair technicians if you see a nozzle that is spraying inconsistently, either throughout its rotation or across its fan.

Q: Why do I need to have my rain sensor replaced if it is broken?
A: The rain sensor of your sprinkler system detects when it is raining and tells the sprinkler that it doesn't need to be used. Without a properly working rain sensor, there is nothing short of a manual override to prevent your system from running in the rain. While not 100% necessary, especially in Dublin, a rain sensor is an inexpensive device that can quickly pay for itself. We definitely recommend them.

Q: Someone told me that a particular sprinkler system brand is much better than the others, and I should use this brand when having mine repaired. Is this true?
A: Not necessarily. The best sprinkler system brand depends on your individual needs for your replacement or installation. Our Dublin irrigation team will help you to choose the best brand for your particular sprinkler needs.